Atena Daemi’s Parent plea to Asma Jahangir

Ms. Assemeh Jahanir, we ask you to be our voices: We, Hossein Daemi and Masoumeh Namati, are a father and mother whose day began with the news of their daughter’s severe beating in her prison cell. We ask you to be our voice not only because of your great history in reporting on human rights issues and also as a woman, a mother and for the sake of humanity. Our child’s life is in danger.

On January 5, Atena Daemi (our daughter) and her cell mate Glorakh Ebrahimi Iraei were transferred to a solitary confinement cell in Gharchak prison in Varamin.  They were both beaten, their lawyers were not informed, and no legal and or humanitarian standards or rights were followed, nor were they allowing to have their own personal belongings.

This is a situation in which the best years of Atena’s youth have been ruined in political prison. Atena is serving a harsh sentence for defending the rights of children and women, upholding humanity, and opposing the death penalty. But the harsh situation that Atena is facing is not enough for the Iranian justice system. They have taken every little moment of peace away from Atena and the whole family. For some time now they have used people’s false accusations against Atena to create constant psychological stress. Continuing this process, Atena and her cell mate, Glorakh Ebrahimi, were severely beaten and transferred to the Gharchak Prison in Varamin.

Atena is currently in a very unsafe condition and suffering from both physical and psychological torture. Atena decided to protest to her cell mate’s sentence by going on a 54 days hunger strike. During the hunger strike, Atena had to undergo a surgery to remove her gallbladder. Her current physical condition is very poor and we are worried about our daughter’s life. Atena doesn’t belong in prison, so we ask you to strive to free Atena and    get her out of the prison.

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