Direct Firing and Officials Refusal to Clarify and Provide Accurate Statistics

Armed attack on protesters by city of Kazeroon’s police forces on May 14th, 2018, the number of dead and injured, and the presence of large number of police forces, city atmosphere became heavy security. The identification and arrest of protesters in their homes continues.

The Human Rights Campaign in Iran also reported many arrests on Wednesday May 16th, 2018.

While local sources estimate three people killed in Kazeroon’s May 17th, 2018 night raids, Fars News Agency reported one dead and six wounded.

The people of Kazeroon in Fars province in the center of Iran, following the previous protests the division of Kazeroon into two cities, on May 16th, 2018, when they heard that decision of division is finalized, they went to the streets for protest.

A local source told the Human Rights Campaign in Iran: “At noon on May 16th, police attached the peaceful protest and arrested about 20 protesters and transferred them to the police station. The law enforcement direct shootings after the families and friends of the detainees gathered in front of Police station 13(Boniad) and demanded their release.

“According to the Kazeroon police chief verbal promise to the families of the detainees, they were scheduled to be released in few hours, but despite the families gathering in front of the police station, none of the detainees was released,” the source told the campaign. According to this source, the security forces tried to disperse the people by announcing that nobody would be released tonight, but after the people resistance, the police officers shot the crowd without warning. “

In pictures and videos posted online on Wednesday, May 16, people are trying to help some severely injured and bloodshed.

According to IRNA, Kaseroni are protesting against the separation of the Qaemiah, Nodan and Dashte-Barm. According to this plan, the two sections “Chenarshahjan” and “Qaemiah” will be separated from the city of Kazeroon and a new city with the name of “KohChenar” will be created.

Earlier, government officials, including the vice president and governor of Fars, had announced that the plan had been canceled.

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