Hasan Saed, an Arab cultural activist, was arrested

Cultural activist, Hassan Saed, was arrested by security forces for suporting people protests in Khorramshahr and was transferred to an unknown location.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, on July 3rd 2018, Hassan Saed, a cultural activist, was arrested by security forces and transferred to an unknown location.

No information is available on the charges against Mr. Saed that caused his arrest, but Arab activists believe he was arrested for supporting recent protests in Khorramshahr. Citizens of Khorramshahr protested the water crisis in the area on June 29th, 2018.

On the first day, the protesters gathered with empty water containers in front of the Jamee mosque in the city and chanted slogans such as “We do not want incompetent authorities “, “thieves robbed us in the name of religion”. The protests began on the second day at 8 PM, and the security forces’ involvement caused the protests to become violent.

In videos from second day protest that were posted on social networking sites, people with bloody clothes were seen around someone who was allegedly hit by a bullet. Arab activists reported wounding some in Tuesday’s clashes in Khorramshahr. Local sources from protest told campaign that “one protester has been killed in the clashes.”

Al-Arabiya website also announced the killing of four fellow citizens in Khorramshahr protests on June 30th, and July 1st , 2018, but until this report, none of the officials in Iran confirmed the killing of the protesting citizen.

During these protests, dozens were arrested, including Hamid Khalilavi, Hadi Phili (Manabi), Maher Dasumi, Mahdi Bavi, Reza Savari, Seyed Adel Fazeli, Yousef Bait and Saih (Blawi), but all released on July 2nd, 2018.

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