Iranian Consul General in Erbil; Iranian Prisoners from Northern Iraq are Being Transferred to their Country

تصویر از آرشیو

The Iranian Consulate General in Erbil, Iraq, has announced that imprisoned Iranian prisoners in the Kurdish Northern Kursk will soon be released transferred to their country.

In an interview with Ilna, Morteza Ebadi has said that “about one hundred Iranian compatriots have been arrested for various reasons which vast majority are accused of drug use, and they live in prisons or temporary detention facilities in various cities of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  So far, there has been good interaction between both sides, therefore, over the past two to three years, nearly 140 Iranian prisoners have been freed or transferred to their country. “

According to Mr. Ebadi, sentences issued in the judicial district of the crime scene are decisive, so prisoners will be sentenced to spend the remainder of their conviction in prisons inside the country.

The Iranian Consul General in Erbil, Iraq, referred to the transfer of Kurdish Iraqi prisoners, that during the past two or three years, about thirty Kurdish Iraqi prisoners were released or handed over to the authorities, which the rest of their convictions to an agreement reached by the Iranian judiciary, will be served in their homeland.

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