Mohammad Najafi’s Reinstate Judgment was Rejected by the Supreme Court

Payam Dorafshan, the lawyer for Mohammad Najafi, a detained Human Right’s activist, told that the judiciary had transferred her client from the Arak prison to the Ministry of Justice a week after refusing to reinstate the trail.  While insulting and mistreating him and his family, he was informed of his charges which he was tried for it before and resulted in his sentencing.

Mohammad Najafi, 43, was sentenced to 14 years in prison in one case, and three years in prison with 74 lashes in a separate case. 10 to 12 years of it can be enforced according to the law of aggregation of crimes.

The lawyer is currently detained for his three years imprisonment sentence, issued by the Arak tribunal for charges of “disrupting public order,” “publishing lies”, and “disturbing public opinion.”

Payam Derafshan told Human Rights Campaign in Iran: “The judiciary has executed the sentence one day after requesting the restoration of the Najafi lawyers’ hearings without a summons and a moratorium, and the Supreme Court has denied it 10 days after its request.”

According to Payam, the Supreme Court has ruled out the prosecution in a few sentences without even reviewing his case.

Mohammad Najafi in this case has been charged with “disturbing public opinion” because of his criticized letter to the Leader of the Islamic Republic.

On January 15th, 2019, his new case was transferred from Arak prison to the Shazand Justice Department to investigate his charges.  A guard who was dressed in plain clothes, refused to let him visit his family with an insulting.

Mohammad Najafi has been arrested and imprisoned many times in the past several years.

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