Continued Arrest of Hussein Farajullah, an Arab Writer and Researcher

Hussein Farajullah (Kaabi), a writer and researcher from Shooshtar who was detained by Ahvaz Intelligence Service agents in June 2019, remains in Ahvaz Central prison (Shiban) with pending case.

According to the Campaign to Defense Political and Civil Prisoners, Hossein Farajullah, a Shoibiyeh Shushtar resident who was detained by intelligence officials, after more than 5 months, remains in detention in Ahvaz Central Prison (Shiban) with pending case.

According to the report, Mr. Farajullah was arrested by security forces after searching his house and seizing all his books and manuscripts, on Friday morning, June 28th, 2019.

According to an informed source, after three months, Mr. Farajullah was transferred from the Intelligence Office’s detention facility to Shebahan Prison and is still being held without access to a lawyer and with a pending case.

Mr. Farajullah has been active in cultural, civil and historical research so far, and has been instrumental in the establishment of grassroots institutions to combat with flood and flood relief in Khuzestan.

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