The condition for releasing Mohammad Nazari is not collaborating with Democrat party

Mohammad Nazari is kept in the Islamic Republic chambers nearly 22 years.

Mohammad Nazari, a Kurdish political prisoner, who is jailed in Rajai Shahr prison has been forcibly asked refusing advocacy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran.

He had been allegedly threatened by officials while he was called to Ward Sepah at the prison.

Mohammad returned back to Hall 12 where the political prisoners are located in, after having three hours in ward Sepah.

The Kurdish political prisoner has been detained when he so just was 22 years old. He has passed approximately 22 years of his springtime on the charge of the relationship with the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran.

Mohammad, son of Abdullah, who lived in the city of Shahin Dej in West Azerbaijan Province, was arrested by security forces on the charge of membership in the party in Bookan County on 29 May 1994. He was transferred to Mahabad prison after having three months in the Intelligence Service detentions, afterward, the Revolutionary Court declared its charge against him at branch first of Mahabad city.

After six months, the trial file was referred to the branch first in Urmia city which chaired by Judge Jalilzadeh that the verdict confirmed according to the news received by Campaign to Defend Civil and Political Prisoners in Iran.

Finally, the capital punishment reduced to lifetime imprisonment on 1999.

The Kurdish political prisoner after having 13 years and six months in Central Urmia prison transferred along with the other political prisoners to Rajai Shahr prison on Nov 2007.

According to the reports received by the campaign, two of the prisoners Zaher Mostafaei and Mohammad Mehdi Zali who had been taken to Rajai Shahr prison, died because of officials negligence to their medical treatment.

Zaher Mostafaei died after having 17 years imprisonment in March 2010, and Mohammad Mehdi Zali died after having 21 imprisonment on May 2012.

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