Eskandar Lotfi, a Marivan Teachers’ Union Activist, was Sentenced to Prison

Saleh Nikbakht, Eskandar Lotfi’s lawyer, reported on the two years sentencing for the Marivan Teachers Union activist and a member of the Coordination Council of Iranian Cultural Associations.

According to a conversation published by Saleh Nikbakht regarding Mr. Lotfi’s case at Ilna News Agency, this teachers Union activist was sentenced to two years in prison by the Branch 104 of the Penal Court of Sanandaj for “False Publishing” on February 6th, 2020.

Mr Nikbakht said: “Neither the charges, the private plaintiff nor the deficiencies of the case have been taken into consideration and no final defense has been taken. We will file an appeal within the legal deadline. Since the activities of the client are all aimed at defending the rights of teachers and improving the educational status of the country, I hope that the Court of Appeal of Kurdistan will issue his acquittal.”

According to the lawyer, two cases were filed against Mr. Lotfi for having participated in the teacher sit-in protest in the Kurdistan province. The first case was referred to the Revolutionary Court for propaganda against the system and the second one to the public court for false propaganda. The Sanandaj Revolutionary Court acquitted Lotfi of propaganda against the system after examining the case and hearing his lawyer defense.

On Wednesday, June 12th, 2019, Mr. Eskandar Lotfi’ was informed of the charges of “gathering and collusion against the system”, “propaganda against the system” and “disturbing public opinion and false publication” that were filed by revolutionary court. Musa Shah Goldi, the interrogator of the second branch of the Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj informed him of his charges. Mr. Lotfi was temporarily released on bail.

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