At Least Nine Porters are Killed and Wounded in the Border Region of Nousoud

At least 9 porters were killed and wounded in the Nousoud border area of ​​Paveh after border guards direct firing without prior notice.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, on Sunday evening, February 16th, 2020, border troops in the Nousoud border area of ​​Paveh, killed and wounded 9 porters by direct firing at the group of porters without warning.

Ahmed Sahraie, 26, from village of Dasheh of Paveh, was shot dead. Eight other porters named Azim Aminzadeh, Jabar Mohammadi, Zahed Noori, Jalal Nouri, Shahed Adak, Taha Salmani, Rasoul Hooshi, and Shadman Seyedi, Villagers from Javanrood and Paveh were wounded and taken to Paveh Hospital. In this regard, Haenegavo Aews Agency also reported that locals attacked the Revolutionary Guards base in Nousoud after the porters got injured.

Three provinces of Kurdistan, Kermanshah, and West Azerbaijan are on the Iran border with Iraq, and Turkey, which are the main area of the porter’s work. Porters are people who, due to lack of employment and widespread economic problems in the border areas, are forced to carry goods from Iran to Iraq and vise-versa with low wages and using the informal customs route. Every year tens of Porters killed or wounded by direct firing of the border guards, cold, drowning in the river, or falling from altitude.

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