The Former Tehran Prosecutor’s Office Detective was Sentenced to Prison

The detective who issued the telegram filter was sentenced to prison for corruption.

Iranian media reported that Bijan Ghasemzadeh Sangroudi had been sentenced to prison.

According to media reports, Ghasemzadeh was sentenced to permanent dismissal from government service, 10 years in prison and a fine on bribery charge.

Bijan Ghasemzadeh Sangroudi is a former Tehran Prosecutor’s Office detective.

On April 30th, 2018, Telegram was taken out of the reach of Iranian users by a court order. The court order to block Telegram was issued by Bijan Ghasemzadeh (detective for the Second Branch of the Tehran Culture and Media Court).

Earlier, Ghasemzadeh’s name was mentioned in the case of a judiciary corruption gang led by Akbar Tabari, the Sadegh Larijani’s executive deputy during his tenure as head of the judiciary.

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