Ahvaz Sheiban Prison: Situation of Three Prisoners Sentenced to Death is Unknown

Reports indicate that three Arab prisoners sentenced to death, held in Sheiban Prison in Ahvaz, were transferred to an unknown location in recent days.

According to the Campaign for Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, three prisoners sentenced to death, Ali Motiri, Hossein Silavi, and Ali Khosraji and Ali Mojaddam were transferred from Sheiban Prison in Ahvaz to an unknown location.

Ali Motiri, a resident of Sheiban in the north of Ahvaz, was accused of “assassination of two Basijis” in Sheiban, named “Bashir Hamidi and Hassan Karouni”, who were stabbed and later died of their injuries on May 7th, 2018.

Ali Motiri was sentenced to death in the Revolutionary Court on charges of war against God. At the same time, two other Arab citizens, Abbas Rabiee and Muslim Amiri, son of Jassim, are on trial on charges of acting against the country’s security and awaiting sentencing.

Sources close to the Arab citizen say that due to pressure from security forces, the prisoner’s assigned lawyer did not provide accurate information to the prisoner’s family, and it is said that the death sentence of this citizen has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

Also, it is reported that Ali Khosraji, 26, a resident of Alavi alley in Ahvaz, and Hossein Silavi, 30, a resident of Khabineh, 4th Street, Ahvaz, who were both arrested in Ahvaz on charges of “participating in armed operations against security centers” in May 2017, were transferred to an unknown location.

The fate of these two Arab citizens along with 33-year-old Nasser Khafajian (Mormazi) (a NAJA officer) is unknown.

The initial case of these three Arab citizens in Branch 12 of the Interrogation office, presided over by Judge Jalilian, was approved and sent to the Supreme Court after the death sentence was handed down in the Revolutionary Court and approved on appeal.

All three defendants were denied the right to a lawyer during the trial.

Security and judicial officials have accused the three men of attacking Hamid checkpoint 40 km from Ahvaz and the Mojahedin police station 23 in Ahvaz in May 2017.

Ali Mojaddam, 39, an Arab prisoner from Koot Seyyed Saleh, Ahvaz, was arrested by the intelligence service along with 14 Arab citizens, including two women on February 9th, 2020. Mr. Mojaddam was tried as the first defendant in this case along with other members of this group on charges of “participating in armed operations against security forces and acting against the security of the country and communicating with the outside world and forming an opposition group.”

The Radio and Television of the Islamic Republic of Iran has published the forced confessions of some members of this group.

With the anniversary of the September 2018 attack on the Armed Forces parade in Ahvaz approaching and due to the absence of the accused in this incident and the killing of the attackers, the possibility of their imminent execution has increased in recent days and has caused concern among political and civil activists.

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