Summoning 5 Kurdish media activists to court and informing their accusations

 ۵Kurdish media activists residing in Saqez, a city in Kurdistan Province, western Iran, were summoned to the court of this city on Thursday, October 1st (2020), on charges of “dissemination of falsehoods.”

Following the complaint of the former mayor of Saqez, Branch 1 of the city’s Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, summoned 5 Kurdish media activists on Thursday, October 1st (2020), who were in charge of managing Telegram channels with the contents and events in and charged them with “dissemination of falsehoods.”

These media activists named Mostafa Hamdi, director of “Porsemen-e Saqez” group, Hiva Mohammadi, director of “Saka Press” channel, Keyvan Jalali, director of “Vakawi” channel, Zahed Sharifpour, editor of “Vakawi” channel, and Fardin Mostafaei, director of “Saqez Rudaw” channel, were charged with “dissemination of falsehoods.”

The Kurdish citizens have been summoned to court over a complaint filed by the former mayor of Saqez, according to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KURN).

The case investigator has accused the 5 media activists of “dissemination of falsehoods.”

The accusation attributed to these citizens was following the publication of materials related to the financial of the former mayor and the Saqez City Council.

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