Security forces detained 2 Kurdish citizens

Over the past few days, two Kurdish citizens named Milad Veisi and Poshtivan Afsari were detained without a warrant by security forces.

Milad Veisi, a citizen residing in Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, West of Iran, was arrested with beatings at his workplace on Wednesday, September 30th (2020), without a court order and transferred to an unknown location. Poshtivan Afsari, a resident of Ney village in Marivan County, in Kurdistan Province, was similarly arrested on Thursday, September 24th by security forces in this city without a court order and transferred to the Sanandaj Intelligence Detention Center.

Despite the constant pursuit of Poshtivan Afsari’s family and their frequent visits to judicial centers, the exact reasons for his arrest and charges are still unknown.

Likewise, it is said that the reason for Milad Veisi’s arrest was “cooperation with Kurdish anti-regime parties”, but despite the follow-ups of this Kurdish citizen’s family in the Sanandaj judicial and security institutions, these effects to find out his whereabouts and charges against him has been fruitless.

According to Kurdpa (Kurdistan Press Agency), Branch 2 of the Marivan Revolutionary Court has sentenced Poshtivan Afsari to 9 years in prison in January 2020 on charges of “membership in a Kurdish opposition party.”

Milad Veisi was also arrested by security forces last year and held in security custody for 5 months. After the completion of interrogation process and being charged, he was temporarily released on 600 milion Tomans bail.

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