Latest Situation of Hadiseh Sabouri, a Political Prisoner Imprisoned in Evin Prison

Hadiseh Sabouri is a prisoner serving her sentence in Evin Prison. This report describes the latest situation of this prisoner.

According to the Campaign for Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Haditha Sabouri, a political prisoner, who is serving a prison sentence, is suffering from internal women’s diseases, migraines, and varicose veins. She is still deprived of her rights for treatment and be sent to medical centers outside the prison.

Hadiseh Sabouri was born in 1976. Branch 26 of Tehran Revolutionary Court, headed by Judge Afshari, charged her with “propaganda against the regime”, “acting against national security”, “gathering and collusion”, “disturbing the public mind”, and “spreading lies in Cyberspace” and sentenced her to a total of 38 months and ten days in prison.  According to Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code, only one year and two months of sentence can be enforced.

Hadiseh Sabouri was arrested by Tehran security police during a protest rally in Ariashahr, Tehran, in August 2018, and was transferred to the Women’s Detention Center on Vozara Street. After a few days of detention, she was transferred to Evin Prison.

After several days of interrogation, Ms. Sabouri was transferred to the women’s ward of Qarchak prison in Varamin, and was released on bail in late September 2018, pending the completion of the trial.

This civil activist was arrested for the second time by security forces at her private home in Ariashahr, Tehran on December 2019. A few days later, after being transferred to Ward 2A of the IRGC in Evin Prison, she was temporarily released on 250 million Tomans bail until the Completion of her case proceedings.

The Court of Appeals upheld the prison sentence for this civil activist who had protested against the verdict, citing Article 450 of the Islamic Penal Code. Mid-June 2020, Ms. Sabouri was summoned by telephone to serve her sentence and subsequently she was arrested and transferred to Evin Prison.

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