Nationwide Protests; A Hearing on Three Detained Citizens Charges was Held in Karaj

The second session of the court hearing on charges against three people who were detained during the nationwide protests was held in the first branch of the Karaj Revolutionary Court.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners; On Thursday, December 1st, 2022, Hamid Qara Hasanlou, Mohammad Ali’s child, Farzaneh Qara Hasanlou, Gurban Ali’s child and Ali Moazzami Goudarzi, three of the 15 citizens arrested during the protests in Kamalshahr Karaj, were tried by the first branch of the Revolutionary Court of Karaj, the capital of Alborz province. They were tried under the chairmanship of Judge Musa Asif Al-Husseini and the court advisors on the charges of “corruption in the world” and “participation in the murder of Ruhollah Ajamian”, a Basij members.

Based on the indictment issued by the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Karaj Revolution court; Hamid Qara Hasanlou, accused of “seditious on earth by committing crimes against the security of the country”, “attack on law enforcement officers and mobilization”, “gathering and collusion against the security of the country”, Farzaneh Qara Hasanlou accused of “seditious on earth by committing crimes against National Security of the country” and Ali Moazzami Goudarzi are accused of “seditious on the earth and “action against the security of the country” and “propaganda activity against the regime”.

The names of the 15 defendants in this case are as follows: “Mohammed Mehdi Karmi – father: Masha Allah, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini – father: Seyed Hassan, Arin Farzam Nia – father: Ali, Amin Mehdi Shekrallahi – father: Farhad, Reza Aria – father: Yahya , Mehdi Mohammadi – father: Gholam Ali, Shayan Charani – father: Saeed, Mohammad Amin Akhlik – father: Abdullah, Hamid Qara Hasanlou – father: Mohammad Ali, Amir Mehdi Jafari – father: Parviz, Reza Shaker Zavardehi – father: Manouchehr, Farzaneh Qara Hasanlou – father:
Gurban Ali, Javad Zargaran – father: Mohammad Reza, Behrad Ali Kanari – father: Abdul Reza, Ali Moazzami Goudarzi – father f Dariush.”

It should be noted that in addition to these 3 people, this case has 12 other defendants with similar charges, and considering that 3 defendants are under the age of 17, the case will be heard in the branch of the court dealing with crimes against children and adolescents. The first hearing of this case was held and part of the defenses of the first and second tier defendants were judged by Judge Musa Asif Al-Hosseini on November 30th, 2022.
Based on this, Hamid Qara Hasanlou – born: 1969 – a radiologist and his wife Farzaneh Qara Hasanlou – born: 1976 with a master in radiology, residents of Karaj city, the capital of Alborz province, were arrested following the security forces raid on their
residence. During the raid, security forces searched the house and detained some of their personal belongings. During the investigation, they were accused of seditious.

On the other hand, after the completion of the interrogation procedures at the detention center of the Ministry of Intelligence in Alborz province, the general indictment of 15 defendants in this case was filed by the investigation branch of the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of this city, on November 12th, 2022.

According to the Chief Justice of Alborz Province: “The defendants of this case played a role in the protests that took place in Kamalshahr, Karaj that led to the death of Ruhollah Ajamian on November 3rd, 2022 “

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