A Prisoner Taken to Solitary Confinement due to Protest against His Charge

Jama Omar Zehi (Mohammad Amin) was thrown into the solitary confinement because of his objection contrary to the death penalty and afterward he transferred to the Intelligence Service detention.

Mr. Jama has been convicted to death along with nine other inmates and three others of them sentenced to prison in the Revolutionary Court of Zahedan city.

They were reportedly accused of drug-related crimes at the court on 6 June 2015 according to the report of Campaign to Defend Civil and Political Prisoners in Iran.

The names of those who convicted to capital punishment:

  1. Nooshirvan Omar Zehi
  2. Jama (Mohammad Amin) Omar Zehi
  3. Yousef Gangou Zehi
  4. Alireza Narwi
  5. Gholam Rasoul Mazar Zehi
  6. Naser Omar Zehi
  7. Hossein Dadvar
  8. Abdullah Salah Zehi
  9. Moradbakhsh Baluchi
  10. Nabi Mazar Zehi

The names of those who sentenced to prison:

  1. Allahdad Gangou Zehi sentenced to 15 years imprisonment
  2. Noor Mohammad Shahnavazi sentenced to 25 years imprisonment
  3. Eid Mohammad Ghambar Zehi sentenced to three years imprisonment.

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