Iran: Daughter of a political Prisoner Committed Suicide

Kani Agoushi, 22-year-old and a fourth-year student at the University, daughter of Mohammad Amin Agoushi, a political prisoner, had committed suicide on 30 June 2015.

The corpse which had been hanged from their portal house transferred to forensics in Piranshahr city in West Azerbaijan Province, in northwest Iran.

Her mother reportedly became unresponsive (Unconsciousness) and died after one month hospitalizing in one of the Piranshahr hospitals.

Kani used to live along with her brother Jamal Agoushi since her mother’s death according to the news received by the Campaign to Defend Civil and Political Prisoners in Iran.

 She ended her life because of her mother’s death and her father’s imprisonment as Human Rights activists have declared.

The political prisoner Mohammad Amin Agoushi has been allegedly released and he is on the way to Pranshahr city to receive his loved one corpse.

He was reportedly detained along with Iraj Mohammadi and Ahmad Pooladkhani with charged of spying in favor of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Moharebeh through cooperating with the opposition on 2007.

Mr. Agoushi transferred to Central Urmia prison after having seven months in the solitary confinement and convicted to death by “Firing Squad” at branch 2 of Martial Court which exactly confirmed at branch 31 by the Appeal Court.

Finally, the “Court Case” again opened and referred to branch first of the Martial Court and he along with two others defendants sentenced to ten years in prison and exile in Central Zahedan prison as rights group said.

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