Iran: Ziba Pour Habib the Instructor of the spiritual group “Erfane Halgheh” Went to Prison

Ziba Pour Habib one of the instructor of the spiritual group Erfane Halgheh went to Evin prison serving her verdict three years in prison yesterday 1 July 2015.

She is one of the 26 activists of the spiritual group has been reportedly convicted with charge of “blasphemy”, “disturbing the medical treatment” and “gaining the Illicit property” according to the news received by the Campaign Defend to Civil and Political Prisoner in Iran.

Seven members of the group have been summoned to serve their prison term, and three of them have served the verdict as well.

۱۶ members of the group Erfane Halgheh have been totally sentenced to 37 years in prison and 130 million Tomans fine as Halgheh news declared.

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