Marie Mohammadi, a Converted Christian, was Sentenced to Prison and Whipping

Fatemeh (Mari) Mohammadi, a converted Christian who was detained by security forces with violence near Azadi Square in Tehran during a rally against the shot down of a Ukrainian plane by the IRGC Air Defense Forces on January 8th, 2020, was sentenced to Imprisonment and whipping by judiciary.

According to the report, Ms. Mohammadi was sentenced by Branch 1167 of the Criminal Court of Tehran Province to three months and one day in prison and 10 lashes for “disturbing public order by participating in an illegal gathering (the January 2020 plane rally)”.

This converted Christian confirmed the news on her tweet and wrote: “In this case, after enduring all kinds of torture and 46 days in Varza and Qarchak prisons in a very terrible conditions, I am sentenced to three months and one day in prison and 10 lashes. Reason for sentences are that I protested against the killing, showing sympathy with the families of those killed in the Ukrainian plane crash, defending the rights of all human being. There were no complaints about disturbing the public order in the case, especially regarding the January 2020 plane rally.Even from the point of view of the Islamic Republic laws, I should have been acquitted, but not only I am sentenced to imprisonment but also sentenced to whipping.  Of course, before the verdict was issued, my family and I endured all kinds of tortures, which are not mentioned in any of the laws, and consider crime. Even if I was acquitted, it would not be a real acquittal. Given that the courts of appeals have become courts of confirmation, we have decided to not appeal.  I am proud that with people solidarity in the real and violent atmosphere of the street, my prison and whipping sentences are suspended for a year. We are still standing!”

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