A Hearing on Mehraveh Khandan’s Case was Held

The hearing in the case of Mehraveh Khandan, the daughter of Nasrin Sotoudeh, who had previously been summoned to a branch of Evin Prison, was held.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, a hearing on the case of Mehraveh Khandan was held in Branch 1175 of the Quds Judicial Complex on October 26th, 2020.

This court hearing was held following the complaint of one of the officers of the Evin Prison Women’s ward.

Confirming the news of the court hearing, Reza Khandan, Nasrin Sotoudeh’s husband, wrote on his Facebook page: “The judge asked the plaintiffs to present a CD containing the video of the prison visiting room on the day in question. Therefore, it was decided to deliver the CCTV footage of the prison visiting room on Saturday, so that the judge in the case can vote on the case based on the video and other reasons in the case.”

In this case, Mehraveh Khandan is accused of protesting against a female ward officer of Evin Prison named “Fatemeh Hassanpour” who had objection to Mehraveh’s hijab.

Mehraveh Khandan was previously arrested by security forces, at the same time as Nasrin Sotoudeh went on a hunger strike on August 17th, 2020. She was transferred to the Evin Security Court without any explanation, but was released on bail the same day.

Nasrin Sotoudeh was arrested at her home and transferred to Evin Prison on June 13th, 2018. She was sentenced to 33 years in prison and 148 lashes on charges of “conspiring against state security”, “publishing lies”, “disturbing public opinion” and “insulting the authorities” which 12 years of imprisonment will be implemented.

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