Three Iranian Baluchis were Killed and Wounded by Basij Forces Fire in Zahedan

عرفان شه بخش و سعید ساسولی

Three Iranian Baluchis were killed and wounded after Basij forces opened fire in Zahedan

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, quoting the Baluch Campaign, on the evening of February 5th, 2022, Basij forces fired at a car on Bozorgmehr Street in Zahedan, killing two citizens and wounding another.

The identities of the two killed citizens are “Erfan Shahbakhsh”, son of Nasser, and “Saeed Sasoli”, son of Mohammad Hayat from Zahedan.

It is said that Saeed Sassoli died after being taken to the hospital. Erfan also died in the hospital, on February 9th 2022.

According to this report, another citizen who was with Erfan and Saeed was injured. He was detained by Basij forces after being wounded.

No information is available on the identity of the injured Baluchi as of this writing.

According to this report, four bullets hit Erfan as a result of the shooting of Basij agents.

According to the 2021 Annual Report of the Campaign of Baloch Activists, at least 76 Balochis and Afghan nationals have been killed and wounded in a total of 52 shootings in the Baloch region of Iran.

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