Restriction on Communication and Visitations for Farzaneh Qareh Hasanlu at Mashhad Vakilabad Prison

فرزانه قره حسنلو

Farzaneh Qareh Hasanlu, one of the detainees of the 2022 protests, who is serving her sentence in Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad, has been deprived of contact and visitation with her family by order of the authorities.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Mrs. Qareh Hasanlu’s lawyer has mentioned that sending a New Year’s greeting message from Mashhad prison as the reason for this deprivation.

The ban on contact is for two weeks, and the prohibition on visitation is for three months, as per the issued verdict for Mrs. Qareh Hasanlu.

Furthermore, her lawyer has stated regarding her medical condition:
“In December of last year, a cancerous mass was diagnosed in Mrs. Qareh Hasanlu’s chest, requiring urgent surgery. Despite the explicit medical recommendation for a two-month medical leave and undergoing treatment outside the prison, she was returned to prison after surgery.”

Mrs. Qareh Hasanlu had previously been deprived of medical attention in Kachuei Prison in Karaj.

During 2022 nationwide protests, Mrs. Qareh Hasanlu, along with her husband and fifteen others, was arrested in connection with the case of a Basij force member’s death.

She was sentenced to five years in prison in Mashhad Prison by the Revolutionary Court of Karaj Branch One.

This verdict was confirmed by Branch 29 of the Supreme Court in August 2023.

Mrs. Qareh Hasanlu was transferred to Mashhad Prison for the execution of the imprisonment and exile sentence in September 2023.

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