The Deterioration of Gonabadi Darvishes in Tehran’s Detention Centers

Reports from Tehran’s detention centers indicate severe deterioration of darvish detainees, especially the female darvishes in Tehran.
During series of raids by undercover police on Golestan 7th street, hundreds of darvishes were wounded and no details are available for many of them.. It was reported that Mr.  Reza Entesary, Mr. Kasra Nouri and Mr.  Behnoud Rostamy  were transferred to Imam Sajjad Hospital, while they had been in a state of coma due to the severity of the injuries that occurred and currently there is no news of them.
Reports also state the deterioration of female darvishes in these detention centers. Many of these female darvishes suffer from head and neck fractures. Also, the lack of knowledge of the State of Health Mrs. Lily Nayebpour, causes a great concern. Mrs. Lily Nayebpour, one of the darvish detainees is pregnant and there is no information or news of her situation.

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