The persecution of Afshin and Ramin Hosseinpanahi by the Authorities in the Sanandaj Prison

Officials in Sanandaj Central Prison have beaten up Afshin Hosseinpanahi. It has been reported that prison authorities have refused to treat Ramin Hosseinpanahi, a political prisoner sentenced to death, suffering from kidney problem. They told him, “You will be executed soon and you do not need to be treated.”

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Ramin and Afshin Hosseinpanahi, two political prisoners detained in central Sanandaj were subjected to torture and harassment by the authorities.

Amjad Hosseinpanahi, Human Right’s activists and Ramin’s brother told campaign that, Sanandaj Central Prison officials pressures continue against Afshin and Ramin Hosseinpanahi. Few days ago, one of the Sanandaj prison guard named Abash, has beaten up Afshin Hosseinpanahi very hard to the point that during the family visit, the sign of beatings was visual on his body.

Amjad Hosseinpanahi, continues: “Ramin continues to suffer from kidney pain and infection, and prison security authorities, have prevent the treatment of the political prisoner being sentenced to death. Even authorities at the prison have told him that “you will be executed soon and you do not need to be treated.” “

Meanwhile, five days ago, three Ministry of Intelligence agents, one of them, called Rauf Badvand, who is Ramin’s assigned lawyer and Sanandaj Intelligence officer, went to jail and summoned Ramin and Afshin. They asked them to cooperate with the Ministry of Intelligence. They were harassed and beaten after they rejected the offer.

On Saturday, May 19th, 2018, Sanandaj Central Prison Security Authority communicated the sentence to Ramin Hosseinpanahi, a political prisoner sentenced to death.

The authorities and security officials told Ramin Hosseinpanahi that ” all stages of death sentence execution have been passed and there is no prevention to enforce the sentence, and emphasized that no international organization or human rights organization can stop the execution, and If it is not yet been executed, only because of the month of Ramadan, and after Ramadan, his dead sentence will be enforced.

Ramin Hosseinpanahi, a political activist, was arrested on June 23th, 2018, and transferred to the Sanandaj Central Prison after 200 days of solitary confinement after going through extreme physical and mental torture. Ramin was sentenced to death on January 15th, 2018, in Sanandaj Revolutionary Court Branch One. The verdict was reaffirmed on April 11th, 2018, at Branch 39 of the Supreme Court in Qom.

Hussein Ahmadi Nezam, Ramin Hosseinpanahi’s lawyer wrote on his Facebook page: “I met Ramin in the central prison of Sanandaj and told him about his case, he was not upset about the execution of his death sentence, but his regret and sadness was that he was being executed as a terrorist. Ramin has told me today in prison that he has fought ISIL in the Kirkuk Front for three months. I hope that he is not executed, I’m really worried about the sentence. “

Ramin Hosseinpanahi ‘s death sentence was issued even though he denied all the alleged charges, such as participation in the armed conflict. The lawyer of the Kurdish political prisoner also considered the sentence unexpected and unjust.

Hussein Ahmadi Nezam, the defense lawyer had already said that the death penalty was imposed on his client, Ramin Hosseinpanahi, by the Revolutionary Guard influence and infiltrating. According to Iran’s internal and criminal laws, if the case’s judges had independence, Ramin Hosseinpanahi would not deserve death penalty.

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