Shekofeh Yadolahi was Transferred to Drug Offenders Section of the Prison

Shekofeh Yadolahi, one of Darwish woman, detained in the Varamin Gharchak prison, was transferred from the quarantine section to the general section 6 of the prison.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Shekofeh Yadolahi, a teacher and Dervish Gonabadi detained in Varamin Gharchak prison, was transferred from the quarantine section to the general section 6 of the prison.

An informant source told campaign, “The general section 6 of Varamin Gharchak prison is for the drug offenders and detainees related to narcotics and drug addicts. Shekofeh Yadolahi, who is physically in a precarious state, was transferred to this section while according to the rules of the Prisons Organization and the Code of Criminal Divisions, the Darvish women in the context of alleged allegations (ideological-political), should be held in a separate unit from other prisoners.). “

In the indictment of the Shadhid Ghodss’ court, Ms. Shekofeh Yadolahi, referred to as “Kasra Nouri’s Mother ” and that is the reason for her legal rights have been repeatedly violated.

It has been reported that, for past three days, the Darvish female detainees have been denied phone access to their families by the order of the prison supervisor. In addition to Shekofeh Yadolahi, her three sons, Kasra, Puriya and Amirnouri were also detained in various section of Tehran big prisons (Fashafiyeh).

Shekofeh Yadolahi was arrested on February 19th, 2018, by security forces and was detained in Gharchak prison in Varamin.  Shekofeh Yadolahi was reported to be severely beaten. The beating during her arrest was so severe that it has caused bleeding of her mouth, ears and nose and split her forehead. Despite the severe physical condition and doctor’s diagnosis for immediate transfer to hospital, the Gharchak prison authority prevented her transfer to a hospital outside of prison.

On February 19th, 2018, at least 60 Gonabadi Darvish’ women were arrested when demonstrations became violent after the security forces used beatings, firearms, spray machines and tear gas.

After being arrested, these women were transferred to the Vazra detention center and said that they were subjected to intimidating interrogations, loud, and intrusive body inspections by female officers.

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