Mohammad Salas’s Family was Called to Rajai Shahr for the Last Visit

According to Majzoban Nour, on Saturday, June 16th, 2018, there was a call from Rajai Shahr to Mohamad’s family to come to prison for the last visit. Darvish Mohamad Salas is a Gonabadi Dervish who is sentenced to death on Wednesday June 20th, 2018.

The appeal was denied by the Supreme Court on June 13th, 2018. According to Lawyer Zainab Taheri, Mohammad’s son and daughter, and his own testimony, Mohammad Salas was arrested three hours before the accident, and therefore he is not the bus driver. They all asked the authorities to show a document, other than his initial confession after being beaten and tortured, that proves Mohammad was the bus driver in question.

Zainab Taheri wrote in her telegram channel: “There is no evidence that Mohammad Salas was behind the wheel of the bus that killed the law enforcement officers.”

Mohammad Salas’s Lawyer writes that for the first time in the history of the judiciary; rather than recreating the crime scene at the scene of the incident, with the presence of accused person, witnesses, and judiciary personnel, the reconstruction of the crime scene was reconstructed without the presence of the accused person, his lawyer and witnesses, and At Shahpour Criminal Investigation Department.

She continues saying that Mohammad Salas’s skull is broken in 17 places from harsh beating by truncheon and he is almost going blind by these blows. According to Zaynab Taheri, after Mohammad rejected the charges against him in the first court, “he was severely beaten and tortured and broke his fingers, stood on his head with boots and broke his ribs.”

Islamic Republic of Iran’s judicial authorities claims that Mohammad Salas, during the events of January 20th, 2018, to prevent Nourali Tabandeh arrest, one of Daravish Leaders, he drove the bus toward law enforcement officers and ran over 3 of them.

Zeinab Taheri in her telegram channel, points out the legal issues the case, which reads as follows:

The noble nation of Iran; Be aware that, we have new witnesses willing to testify that they saw the bus driver and he was a young man!

There is no evidence that Mohammad Salas was behind the wheel of the bus.

They even have not done a bus fingerprinting to have an evidence that he is guilty

Despite the large number of cameras on the scene, why there are no movie of the incident?  Why was there no evidence even from the staff to testify that he was behind the wheel of the bus?

Did you claim that you pulled him down from the wheel of the bus? So where are those officers to testify?

If your argument was strong, why are you afraid to reinstate his trial? The right to a fair trial is the right of every human being.

Mohammad repeatedly asked to take him to forensic medicine to be checked to see if he was tortured or not and let people of the world know how you they make you to admit to the crime.

Human Rights Watch also in a statement asked Iranian judiciary officials to cancel a member of the Gonabadi dervish community (Mohammad Salas) execution sentence as soon as possible, as well as releasing other darvishes that were attested on  February 2018.

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