Increasing pressure on Ramin and Afshin Hosseinpanahi in Sanandaj Prison

The pressure of prison authorities against Ramin and Afshin Hosseinpanahi in the Sanandaj Central Prison has increased in a worrying manner, and this has become a daily routine against these two Kurdish political prisoners.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Ramin Hosseinpanahi, a political prisoner sentenced to death, has suffered two incident of kidney bleeding in the recent weeks and he was only given pain medicine. Earlier doctor diagnosed Ramin with kidney infection and suggested immediate treatment.  Afshin Hosseinpanahi, another civil and environmental activist who was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison, has still not been treated. Both brothers have been transferred to a general prison ward that is classified as dangerous ward and has not yet been returned to their original wards.

In the past weeks, these two political prisoners have been harassed by several other prisoners who are affiliated with and under the supervision of a person called Abbasi. Ramin Hosseinpanahi is still banned from visitation. Yesterday, Ramin’s lawyer went to prison for a visit, but they did not allow to visit him.

An informed source told campaign, “Iranian law enforcement official told Sanandaj prison authorities that to perform the execution, they must start the preparation for Ramin transfer to Karaj Rajai Shrine Prison.” According to this source, the government, with the fear of people reaction, has decided not to execute Ramin in Sanandaj, and to prevent public reaction and protests, execution of the sentence will be carried out in Rajai Shahr Prison. “

The source continued, “The pressures, limitations and harassment has been done by the head of the prison intelligence, prison protection group, and the interior manager by order of the head of the prison. These authorities have created inhumane conditions against the two brothers. “

It has been reported from Sanandaj prison that, prison authorities are gradually phasing out food rations, drugs and treatment for political and general prisoners.

At the same time, the quantity and quality of prison food has been severely reduced. Most of the prisoners are from unprivileged and poor area of society and unable to buy food from the buffs and the decrease in quantity and quality of food will result in malnutrition and reduced body immune system of the prisoners.

It should be noted that Ramin Hosseinpanahi, a political prisoner sentenced to death, who was threatened with murder, was beaten up on Thursday, July 5th, 2018, and was transferred to ward 5 (a section for addicts and murderers).

Security officials told Ramin Hosseinpanahi, “You will not leave this section and you will be executed right here or will be murdered by these prisoners.”

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