Molavi Nasser Rigi, Sunni Cleric, is Arrested

Molavi Nasser Rigi Bahadorzehi, Sunni cleric was arrested by Revolutionary Guard for the support of the case for Iranshahr Girls.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, On Sunday July 22nd, 2018 Molavi Nasser Rigi Bahadorzehi, a Sunni cleric, civil activist and member of the school’s ambassadors, was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards.

An informant source told the Baloch activists campaign, ” Molavi Nasser was an active member of groups that collecting signatures to support Molavi Tayeb and the Iranshahr Girls.”

The source added, “After the Pasteur pharmacy’s fire, a fake text was published in cyberspace with his name, which named himself as a member of the Sehab and claimed the responsibility of burning the Pasteur pharmacy. This text was rejected by Molavi Nasser Rigi and he called for arrest of People who spread the lies in his name.”

The source continued, “One week after the release of this text and its response,” Molavi Naser “was arrested by Revolutionary Guard officers and transferred to Zahedan.”

It should be noted that following the Sunni Imam Molavi Tayeb announcement of the 41 girls raped in Iranshahr, many protests were formed in the city. Afterwards, police arrested some of the participants in the gathering and the followers of the case. Based on the same plan, the country attorney General also reported on prosecuting and dealing with Imam Molavi Tayeb.

Abdullah Bozorgzadeh Sarbaz is one the arrested protesters who was following the case of the 41 Iranian girls rape.

The Sistani and Baluchistan Intelligence Office released a video of the confessions of Abdullah Bozorgzadeh Sarbaz and six of those who had been arrested after supporting the Iranshahr Girls.

The name of some of these people are, Abdullah Bozorgzadeh Sarbaz, Yasser Shahnavazi, Parisa Shahnavazi, Saleh with nickname Prok, Abdulhakim Mazarzahai of Khash, and Mohammad Amin Gargij.

The rallies took place following the announcement of the 41 girls’ abduction and rape during Friday’s prayer by Molavi Tabib Molazehi Sunnis Imam. He noted that the number is the latest figure that Iranshahr Police Security Office has given based on the confession of an arrested person.

Hojjatoleslam Ebrahim Hamidi, the head of the Sistan and Baluchestan provenance Justice Department has denied the number 41, and said that the court has received only 3 complaints. The news brought massive reactions in the media and social network users and after that the Iranian security and judicial authorities announced further details of the incident.

The BBC reported that the rapists wore Law enforcement uniforms.

According to this information, a number of these women and girls were abducted by people who were dressed in law enforcement or military uniforms and used guns to force them.

One of the doctors in the city, referring to the city as a strong traditional city in the area, said: “Most women who are being harassed do not come forward due to the family and the community restriction and shame. The victims may even be at risk from their families. “

 The city of Iranshahr is in southeastern Iran and in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan. The city has about 150,000 inhabitants and about 90% are Sunni Iranians.

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