Three Baloch Residents Were Killed and Wounded by Direct Shootings

Three young Baloch residents were wounded and killed by direct firing from law enforcement officers in Khash and Navy forces in Andar Abbas.

According to the Baloch Activists Campaign, Bandar Abas sea watcher forces directly fired at a fishing boat nearby Ciric waters. Abbas Ghorchizadeh and Rashid Noorizadeh, both boat riders, were killed and went missing, on November 17th, 2018.

In another report from this campaign, police officers from Police Station of the 12th Khash attacked Iraj Moradzhi, son of Abdul Rahim, his young brother Hafizullah Moradzhi, and his uncle Khudar Mohammad Moradi, at the gas station in the city center on Tuesday, November 20th, 2018.

Eyewitnesses and relatives of the prisoners told the Campaign: “The three were in the gas station when the officers came and asked the driver Iraj Moradzai to show his ID. After giving his ID, they asked him for his driving license which he did not have. Then, they asked him to open the trunk for inspection and when Iraj was about to open it, the officers fired at him and injured him. Two of the passengers got out of the car, and the officers arrested Iraj’s brother Hafizullah.”

The immediate and arbitrary shooting of officers towards Baloch residents has killed hundreds of people just on suspicion of committing a crime.

So far, parliamentarians, scholars, and influential Balochis have repeatedly objected publicly and in writing to the responsible authorities, but no changes have been done in the practice of the Islamic Republic armed forces in the Baluchistan region.

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