Filmmaker Rahim Zabihi Suffered “Suspicious” Death, Along with His Brother, in Road Accident

On Friday evening, Rahim Zabih, a famous filmmaker from Baneh, died with one other person in a suspicious crash, during which his car fell into a valley on the road of Asahrud village in Baneh city.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civic Prisoners, Friday evening, December 7th, 2018, the car of the filmmaker was found at the valley of the roadside village of Ashehrwad, five kilometers from the Baneh town. The car was burning at the time.

In a conversation with Fars, Rasoul Karimichigini, commandant of Baneh, said, “In the preliminary investigation it was found that the burned car belonged to Rahim Zabihi, a famous filmmaker and director from Baneh.”

Reports from local sources indicate that Rahim Zabihi and his brother were killed before the car fell into the valley and caught on fire, and that the crash was completely staged.

A source who did not want to be named told the Campaign, “The burnt bodies of Rahim Zabihi, a filmmaker from Baneh and his brother, Kayvan, was found in the car with their hands tied.”

The Fars News Agency also wrote: “Both the passengers were found on the rear of the car with their hands tied, raising the possibility that they were murdered.”

The two burnt bodies inside the vehicle have been delivered to forensics to determine the identity of the individuals.

Rahim Zabihi, Keyvan Zabihi and his other brothers are the descendants of Mustafa Zabihi, the old bazar trader, and prominent and well-known families, especially since the successes of Rahim Zabihi in the field of filmmaking and before that in the field of theater and theatrical shows such as comedy, making him one of the popular and prominent artists.

Rahim Zabihi is a creative director of Iranian cinema who was involved in more than 50 national and international cinematic events and has won diplomas of honor and awards from festivals. He was in the middle of making another film for global release when he was killed in the suspicious driving accident.

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