Summoning of Sunni Personnel to the Zahedan Prosecutor’s Office

An online Sunni website reported that four of the “personnel” of their website, that were previously summoned and questioned by the Revolutionary Guard Intelligence were just summoned to the Zahedan Public Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the report, on Thursday, January 17th, 2019, four of the “employees” of the Sunni Online Information Service were asked to appear at the 13th branch of the prosecutor’s office in Zahedan within maximum of five days.

Previously, they were summoned and interrogated by Zahedan Revolutionary Guard Intelligence Agency.

The report does not state what topics the Revolutionary Guard Intelligence has raised in this interrogation.

The online Sunni website does not mention the name and responsibility of the individuals who were summoned. This website has been filtered out 10 years ago.

This website is under the supervision of the Zahedan Darul-ulum School. Maulavi Abdul Hameed, the most prominent Sunni cleric in Iran and Friday Imam, is the director of the Zahedan Darul-ulum School.

Earlier, a number of Sunni political and civil activists, as well as Sunni clerics were summoned and interrogated.

Sunnite figures in last year’s presidential elections supported Hassan Rouhani. Kurdistan provinces with 75 percent and Sistan  and Baluchistan with about 73 percent, both of which cast the highest votes for him.

In his presidential election endorsement speech, Maulavi Abdelhamid criticized Mr. Rouhani for failing to meet certain demands of the Sunni community.

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