Nasrin Javadi, a Member of the Iran Free Trade Union of Workers, was Released on Bail

Azam Khezri Javadi (Nasrin Javadi), who was arrested on the International Labor Day, after 29 days was released from the Qarchak Prison on bail.

Today, Wednesday, May 29th, 2019, Nasrin Javadi, a member of the Iran Free Trade Union of Workers, who was arrested on the International Labor Day was temporary released on bail from Qarchak Prison.

On Wednesday, May 1st, 2019, the International Labor Day, following the call by the Bus Workers’ Union Syndicate, the Retirement Alliance, the Coordinating Committee and students for organizing the International Labor Day, workers, retirees and a group of citizens gathered in front of the parliament. The gathering became violence by the intervention of the security forces and Nasrin Javadi was arrested along with many citizens.

Despite the release of some of the detainees so far, others including Marzieh Amiri, Keyvan Samimi, Hassan Saeedi, Atefeh Ranghriz, Nahid Khodajoo, Neda Naji and Farhad Sheikhi are still in detention.

It needs to be explained that representatives of labor organizations from dozens of countries, in support of the Iranian workers’ struggles, at the fifty-second congress of the General Confederation of Labor, signed a joint statement calling for the immediate release of detainees from the International Labor Day, including Hassan Saeedi, Marzieh Amiri, Atefeh Ranghriz, Nasrin Javadi, Neda Naji, Keyvan Samimi and Farhad Sheikhi, as well as Sepideh Ghelyan and Ismail Bakhshi.

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