Two Sunni Clerics were Sentenced to a Total of Ten Years in Prison by the Revolutionary Court

Hafiz Abdulahi Aramash and Malawi Saeed Aramash, both Sunni clerics and graduate clerics from Alelum koh Van, were each sentenced to five years in prison by the Revolutionary Court.

The Baloch Activists’ Campaign confirmed the news on its website and wrote that the two Baluchi clerics were arrested earlier in May 2018 in Jask city for performing Taravij prayer in month of Ramadan. After 6 months of detention, they were temporarily released each on 200 million Tomans bail.

It has also been reported that the Bandar Abbas Revolutionary Court summoned the two citizens for Monday, February 3rd, 2020.

No specific information is available on the charges or the details of their cases. But according to the Baloch Campaign website, since Shi’ites view the “Taravij” prayer as a congregation in Islam, security forces have had crackdown on such a prayer during Ramadan in recent years.

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