Serious Physical Condition of Hussein Silavi, an Arab Political Prisoner Sentenced to Death

The physical condition of Hussein Silavi, an Arab political prisoner sentenced to death in the quarantine section of the Shiban Central Prison in Ahvaz, is reported to be critical.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, “Hossein Silavi”, an Arab political prisoner, who was sentenced to death in May 2017, along with two others on charges of “participating in armed operations against security centers” in an attack on the 23rd Mujahid police station in Ahvaz and is being held in quarantine at the Shiban Prison (Central) in Ahvaz is in poor physical condition and needs immediate medical attention and access to medical services.

According to active human rights sources, Hussein Silavi, an Arab political prisoner sentenced to death, is suffering from severe wounds abdominal pain as a result of severe torture and is in critical condition.

These sources added; “Hossein Silavi”, an Arab prisoner sentenced to death, who was transferred to an unknown location along with his two co-defendants “Ali Khosraji” and “Nasser Khafajian” during the prisoners’ protests in Shiban Prison on Monday, March 31st, 2020, was returned to the quarantine section of Shiban Prison in Ahvaz.

It is said that two others in the case that are sentenced to death, Ali Khosraji and Nasser Khafajian (Mormazi), were transferred to Ward 5 of Shiban Prison and Sepidar Prison in Ahvaz, respectively.

According to the report, “Hossein Silavi” from the Khabineh area of ​​Ahvaz, “Ali Khosraji” from the Alavi alley in Ahvaz and “Nasser Khafajian (Mormazi)” were arrested in Ahvaz on charges of “forming an armed group” and “killing two police officers” on May 2017.

The report states that 500 inmates are being held in 12 rooms in Shiban Prison and 6 of which are without electricity.

These prisoners are exposed to infectious diseases in a closed space without sanitation facilities with a temperature of more than 50 degrees and the prevalence of Covid-19, so that some of them have lung infections and tuberculosis

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