Urmia Prison: Hamed Ghareh Oghlani Report on the Inappropriate Prison Conditions During Corona

حامد قره اوغلانی

Hamed Ghareh Oghlani, a political prisoner serving his sentence in Urmia Prison, released an audio file obtained by the campaign, calling the conditions of prisoners during the Corona period horrible and saying that he also had symptoms of the disease.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Hamed Ghareh Oghlani, a prisoner in Urmia Prison, released an audio file stating this suspicious sign of Covid-19 and the lack of effective examination by the Urmia Prison authorities.

According to a source close to the family of the Turkish (Azerbaijani) civil activist, he was arrested by security forces on June 27th, 2020. He was transferred to the Urmia prison after 20 days of interrogation.

In an audio file released by Hamed Ghareh Oghlani, he described the conditions of prisoners’ detention area and the health condition of Urmia Prison as “deplorable and terrible.”

Mr. Ghareh Oghlani, while having difficulty completing his sentences due to continuous coughing, says in this audio file: “I have no expectations from the prison authorities anymore and I only ask the people… (Severe cough) this prison does not have appropriate conditions for prisoners and the health situation is very poor and the capacity of the prison is much, much less than the population in prison”

In the continuation of this audio file, Hamed Ghareh Oghlani informed about his visit to the prison doctor and the his suspicious symptoms of Covid-19, and at the end, due to the lack of proper medical care in Urmia Prison, he said: “I am also worried about my connections, they are the children of this country and they are going to return to society. Please do not forget these either.”

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