Continued detention and ignorance of the fate of Sunni Kurdish religious activists

Arrests and unawareness of the fate of Sunni Kurdish religious activists is going on as security and judicial pressures on Sunni citizens continue.

Since the beginning of the Iranian New Year, with the rising tide of summoning and filing cases for religious activists, in recent days Mullah Jamshid Hamidi, a Kurdish citizen from Shahvaneh, in Oshnavieh County, West Azerbaijan Province, has been arrested and transferred to the detention center of the Urmia Intelligence Department . Also, the fate of Mamousta Rasoul Hamzehpour, two weeks after his arrest, is still in a haze.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, quoting Kurdpa (Kurdistan Press Agency), Mullah Jamshid Hamidi, a resident of Shahvaneh village in Oshnavieh, was arrested by security forces on Thursday, October 15th (2020), and transferred to an unknown location.

Mullah Jamshid Hamidi, a resident of Oshnavieh, was arrested following a raid on his private home by security forces and transferred to the Urmia Intelligence Detention Center, according to the report.

Likewise, following the increasing pressure of security and judicial institutions on Sunni Kurdish religious activists, Sunni religious activist Mamousta Rasoul Hamzehpour was arrested on Sunday, October 4th (2020) by Piranshahr security forces.

Mamousta Rasoul Hamzehpour, a Sunni activist in Andizeh village of Piranshahr County (West Azerbaijan Province), has been arrested by the security forces of this city.

Security forces reportedly arrested Mamousta Hamzehpour at the Pasve crossroads in Piranshahr, and after arresting this Kurdish citizen, they raided his house and confiscated some personal belongings of this Sunni religious activist.

Rasoul Hamzehpour has been summoned and interrogated several times by the Pishranshahr Intelligence Department.

As of this writing, the exact status of these Kurdish religious activists is unknown.

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