The Death Sentence for Hamid Mir-Balouchzehi was Carried Out

Hamid Mir-Balouchzehi, a Baluch political prisoner sentenced to death, was executed in Zahedan Central Prison this morning.

This morning, December 26th, 2020, a Baloch prisoner named “Hamid Mir-Balouchzehi ” was executed in Zahedan Central Prison.

An informed source told the Baloch Activists Campaign: “Hamid’s family was contacted from Zahedan Central Prison for his last visit on Thursday, December 24th, 2020. After the last visit, his family was informed of his execution on morning of Saturday December 26th, 2020.”

Mustafa Nili also expressed concern last night about the possibility of carrying out his death sentence, saying that the retrial of Hamid had been registered in the judicial services system and he was waiting for it to be referred to the branch.

However, his death sentence was carried out without considering the resumption of the trial.

The judiciary has charged him with membership in opposition groups, which Mir-Balouchzehi has repeatedly denied.

The campaign of Baluch activists adds at the end of its report that Hamid Mir-Balouchzehi, a political prisoner, was sentenced to 15 years in prison but was sentenced to death under pressure from IRGC intelligence.

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