Greater Tehran Prison; Two Prison Guards Burned a Prisoner’s Hands 

سوزاندن دستهای یک زندانی

The hands of a prisoner imprisoned in Greater Tehran Prison were burned by two guards named Zamani and Abbasi.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, in recent days, the hands of a prisoner named Moeen in Greater Tehran Prison was burned by two guards.

According to the report, the two guard officers used alcohol to burn the hands of a prisoner in the prison. Despite the prisoner’s complaint to the prison authorities, this violent act of the prison officials has been responded only by changing their position.

An informed source said: “Two guard officers working in the Greater Tehran prison named” Zamani “and” Abbasi ” for having humor and entertainment, while prisoner was working an art on mosaic, put alcohol on the prisoner’s hands and started the fire with a lighter and set his hand on fire and burned.”  

He added: “After being released from medical care, this prisoner filed a complaint against the prison guards addressed to the prison officials. But prison officials have refused to take the matter seriously and have only relocated the posts for the two guards.”

According to this informed source, Moeen is an artist, some of his mosaic works have been installed on the walls of the prison and the rooms of its directors. The hand burns, which mostly occurred in the palm area, in addition to physical and mental injuries, also led to his inability to work as a mosaicist.

Despite the claims of the authorities regarding the observance of prisoners’ rights, the inappropriate treatment of prisoners by officials in different prisons of the country has been unprecedented in the past.

These behaviors in some cases have resulted in the prisoner death or serious injury to them, and have often been ignored by authorities.

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