Khorramabad Revolutionary Court; Citizen Sentenced to Execution in Public for “Murdering a Police Officer”

اعدام در ملاء عام خرم آباد

A prisoner in Khorramabad has been sentenced to execution in public by the judiciary for the murder of a police officer. The unidentified citizen had previously been detained during a street fight.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, a defendant in Khorramabad was sentenced to execution in public.

According to this report, Dariush Shahnvand, Khorramabad Public Prosecutor, without mentioning the identity of the accused, stated: This is a prisoner accused of killing a member of the Lorestan police force named Rehman Pourdehghan during a clash in December 2021. 

It should be noted that in early April 2022, the Revolutionary Court and the Criminal Court of Isfahan Province sentenced two other prisoners to execution in public for the murder of an intelligence officer.

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