Pegah Sadat Fakhraei was Sentenced to Prison, Exile, Ban on Leaving Country, and Forced Labor!

Pegah Sadat Fakhraei was sentenced to prison for filming girls and helping the injured.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Pegah Sadat

Fakhraei was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment, 2 years of exile from Tehran, 2

years of ban on leaving country, free forced labor at Niayesh Hospital in her first court

preside by Judge Afshar. Court also ruled to confiscated her father's personal car and

mobile phone in favor of the government. She also is banned from driving for two years.

The appeals court also acted without regard to legal principles and confirmed the


33-year-old Fakhraei was abducted near her home in Tehran, and being beaten by

plainclothes forces and was handed over to Shapur Agahi Office on October 14 th , 2022.

After passing the technical interrogation, she was taken to the Evin Prosecutor's Office

and then to Qarchak Penitentiary under numerous physical and mental pressures.

During her detention (49 days), she was sent from Qarchak prison to Naja several times

for interrogation and spent 15 days in Evin prison.

Fakhraei was not allowed access to the selected lawyer at any stage and is still

unaware of the case documents.

The most prominent reason for her accusation was filming the scene where the girls

were released from the plainclothes forces’ van and helping the victims of the protests

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