Farideh Salvatipour, Another Victim of a Bullet!

Farideh Salvatipour from Sanandaj is on the verge of becoming blind due to the direct
shooting of bullets in her eyes. She was hit on January 16 th , 2023. Her treatment has not
been done successfully so far. Based on the obtained information, doctors have
confirmed her blindness.
According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Farideh

Salvatipour, who is about forty years old and from Sanandaj, was shot by repressive
guerrillas on January 16 th , 2023. The news that her eyes were injured is not the only
victim of the Islamic Republic who hits in the eye area and is not reported in the media.
According to our research, many people have been injured in the eye area and their eye
had to go through enucleation surgery.
According to what was reported, a person has agreed to donate his eye to Farida
Salvatipour, but this person has not agreed to express his identity.

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