Increasing Concerns About the Continued Arrest and Lack of Information About Rafiq Salimi's Condition!

No information on the fate of Rafiq Salimi, a residence of Sanandaj, despite the fact that
50 days have passed since his arrest and the possibility of torture, has brought
concerns to his family and relatives.
According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Rafiq Salimi,
a residence of Sanandaj, is still in the custody of the security forces, despite the factthat 50 days have passed since his arrest.
A source close to Salimi's family said: Rafiq Salimi is sick and suffering from physicalproblems and needs medical care daily and treatment. Not knowing about the fate of
this citizen and the possibility of his torture has increased the worries of his family and
Rafiq Salimi and his son Fawad Salimi were arrested by the security forces of Sanandaj

city at Fawad Salimi's workplace and were taken to an unknown location on Monday,
November 28 th , 2022.
Fawad Salimi was temporarily released from Sanandaj Central Prison on Sunday,
January 8 th , 2023, by posting a bail of one billion tomans until the end of the
proceedings. This prison had denied him access to a lawyer and visitation with the
family during the detention period.
According to a close source, Rafiq and Fawad Salimi were severely tortured mentally
and physically by the security forces in the detention center of the Sanandaj Intelligence

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