Torture and Forced Confession of Javad Rouhi, a Detainee Sentenced


to Death Three Times in IRGC Detention Center!

Javad Rouhi, a protester from Amol, who has been sentenced to death three times, has

been subjected to repeated and terrible tortures during his detention in order to force a

confession against himself.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, the only

reference by the Sari Revolutionary Court was Javad Rouhi's confessions under torture

and pressure and the report of the case officers.

The reference of the Sari Revolutionary Court for issuing the death sentence is "the

evidence in the case, the explicit confessions of the accused and the reports of the

bailiffs". While there is no trace of alleged evidence and evidence in this case, it seems

that the judge's reference for issuing the death sentence three times for Javad Rouhi

was his "forced confessions" and the "report of the officers", which is also based on the

same confessions obtained by torture.

During the first days of detention, the tortures were to such an extent that Javad Rouhi

lost his "ability to speak and control his urine".

When Javad Rouhi was transferred to "Shahid Kazemi Sari" detention center belonging

to IRGC Intelligence located in Tirkalai prison after a few days of preliminary

interrogation, "he had lost the ability to urinate and was unable to speak due to the

severity of torture and fear." The agency that detained Javad Rouhi was the IRGC

intelligence, and during the following days, he was interrogated repeatedly in the same

detention center.

During these interrogations, one night his condition became so dire that Javad Rouhi

was moved naked to the middle of the prison corridor and the doctor was called to

check his vital signs.

During the interrogations, he was under pressure to accept the charge of burning the

Koran. An accusation that he did not accept and was constantly threatened, persuaded

and tortured.

The only documentary available for the accusation of leader Javad Rouhi is a video

that shows him dancing in the circle of the crowd.

According to received reports, he went out of the house that day to repair his mobile

phone and met the crowd chanting and cheering and joined them. The only video that

exists of Javad Rouhi on the night of September 22 nd , 2022, in Nowshahr, is the same

video that shows him happily dancing in the circle of the crowd. It seems that the video

that led to his identification and arrest and accusing him of being a "leader" is the same

dancing video.


Javad Rouhi did not have an appointed lawyer during the trial when he was sentenced

to death three times.

Considering that his trial was not public and the available information is the same as

that published on the website of Mizan affiliated to the judiciary, it is not clear whether

he was able to defend himself in court and recount his tortures or not. Javad Rouhi did

not have an appointed lawyer during his trial and

Currently, Majid Kaveh, a lawyer in Mazandaran province, has been accepted as his

appointed lawyer, and Javad Rouhi's case has been sent to the Supreme Court for

appeal. Mr. Kaveh, who finally managed to talk to him after the death sentence was

issued, wrote on his Twitter account: "The client has fundamental and important

objections to the preliminary investigations, which will certainly be reflected in the

appeal to the Supreme Court in the coming days.&quot

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