A Heartfelt Note by Poriya, a Young Man Who Was Run Over by Government Agents on a Motorcycle


Poriya, a young man who a video of him being beaten and run over by motorbike by government agents during the recent uprising was published on social networks, published a heartfelt note on his Instagram page and wrote:

“They say the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime, I returned to find none of them, none of them with a baton in their hands!”

I came back and looked at that alley again and again, the same scenes and pains came back with heavy thoughts and a thousand questions, why??

 Why did they do those things to me? After a few months, I could walk well, the broken hand and even the deep wound on my face had healed, but the questions in my mind kept getting more and more unanswered!

Naziabad is a neighborhood that I owe a lot to, I met the love of my life for the first time around here.

The same girl who was waiting for me to come and eat the dinner she had prepared that night, but our destiny changed that night… Naziabad became the place where I saw my death. Death was showing off in front of my eyes, the blows of the baton were painful, the motorcycle tire on my chest took my breath away, I said, I’m done, I won’t see any of them anymore, but the pains of the baton became numb just when they were cursing me and my possessions, with each blow. I didn’t feel the pain from baton and was not feeling that I am able to hear, but I closed my eyes and surrendered until someone like an angel of salvation came!

One of them yelled at him and said, “Come on, and I thought, thanks God, one of them understood that I was innocent. I thought he was going to save me, but at that moment he shot me with a shotgun, and I was left I am losing my life with a bullet in my face, but I could only turn my head to defend myself, and that was it.” that the bullet passed through my face and tore my face…

I was screaming, I said it’s over. This is the last moment of me, I don’t see them anymore, I don’t hear them, it was the last moments, but God didn’t want it to end so easily! At that moment, I was thinking about my mother in my heart, about the girl with whom I had made a promise with a thousand wishes to be her support. It has been 2 years since her brother got Covid and I became everything of this person. I was thinking about my family, my friends. How much I miss them, how much I wanted to see them!

Naziabad is the place where I was reborn, and every time I pass through this alley, I think of all the people who were burned in this big fire of mistakes and innocence!

Were they thinking about seeing their loved ones again?? How hard is the combination of being hurt and wounded and the feeling of longing at the moment when you know you will never see them again… never!

I understood it all with my bone marrow because I went to death and came back…

In memory of all the innocents who are buried or have no voice to be heard anymore!

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