Mother of Erfan Rezaei: Iran has Called Us


The litigant mother of Erfan Rezaei published an article on Instagram in response to the

destruction of the banner of this freedom fighter and wrote to the leaders and

mercenaries of the Islamic Republic:

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, quoted from

Erfan Rezaei's mother's Instagram, it has been one hundred and twenty-seven days

since I became stronger, braver, more informed and more determined. I believed in

some things that I did not believe in or sometimes doubted. I did not hope for this

moment in my life at the height of despair.

Yesterday I was flipping through one of the Erfan’s books called "Nader Son of the

Sword" which was written by Nader Shah Afshar. "Who doesn't know that great men

come out of collapsed palaces with the intention of revenge, revenge against the

destroyer. A voice inside me was saying: Get up, Iran has called you and I got up.”

You know, you don't know politics and government, let me tell you how wrong you have

gone, the people have suffered, the people suffered and wounded, they are strong and

dangerous people, you made us strong and dangerous, you polished us!

You took Erfan’s banner with your dirty hands, you warned with arrogance, I still put it

in the same text and design as I wanted, I bought this soil, I own it.

Coward, Erfan is known to everyone, there was no need to reconnect this poem and


I just wanted to say that whatever you destroy, I and the great men of Iran will rise up

with the intention of revenge and settle it, Iran has called us.

Blessed, if not to live free, to die free!

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