Abdullah Momeni was Arrested by Security Forces in Tehran

عبدالله مومنی

Security forces in Tehran arrested Abdullah Momeni, a political activist. He was arrested in his own home.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, on the morning of Thursday April 27th, 2023, Abdullah Momeni, a reformist political activist living in Tehran, was arrested after security forces raided his home and was taken to an unknown location.

According to this report, when the agents arrested Abdullah Momeni, they searched his house and confiscated some personal items such as mobile phones and other his and his family communication devices.

Also, it is said that the reason for Abdallah Momeni’s arrest was his presence and interview in a meeting with the topic of “Dialogue to save Iran” that was held at Clubhouse.

As of writing this news, there is no information available about the name of the arresting body, the place of detention and the legal cases of Abdullah Momeni’s accusations.

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