The Amputation Akbar Lakestani’s foot fingers, a Former Political Prisoner

اکبر لکستانی

Akbar Lakestani, a political activist and a former political prisoner, was arrested in Iran in 2019 and subjected in prison to mental and physical torture by the regime. During this time, his access to essential medicines was cut off, leading to serious health issues. This included an infection in his legs.

A few months ago, he went to the emergency room of a hospital in California, seeking treatment for his foot infection. However, he was discharged without proper attention given to the progress of his condition. As a result, he was forced to return to the emergency room a few months later with a high fever and a worsening infection. It was then determined that his finger might need to be amputated due to the severity of the infection.

However, a six-week treatment process with antibiotics was suggested as an alternative to amputation. He completed this course of treatment, but it did not have any positive results. Lakestani ended up having surgery earlier this week, and his finger was amputated. Lakestani released this news with a picture in the hospital earlier this week on his personal

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