Sepideh Rashnu was Sentenced to Three Years and Eleven months in Prison

سپیده رشنو

Tehran province the Court of Appeals has sentenced civil activist Sepideh Rashnu to four months in prison, which, including the sentence of her other case, she is sentenced to total of three years and eleven months in prison.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Sepideh Rashnu, a civil activist against the mandatory hijab, was sentenced to four months in prison for publishing indecent images in cyberspace. With adding her other case ruling, she is sentenced to total of three years and eleven months in prison.

Milad Panahi pour, Sepideh Rashnu’s lawyer, said: The Court of Appeal accepted part of our defense in its document, but in the opinion of the branch’s advisors, the title of the charge was changed from “injuring public modesty” to “publishing obscene images in cyber space” subject to Article 742 penal code. In parallel with this change in the title of charge, the first branch of the appeals court reduced Ms. Rashnu’s sentence from six months of imprisonment to four months of imprisonment and also removed monetary penalty. Also, this court, with its silence about the supplementary sentence that was issued against Mrs. Rashnu, has actually voted to approve it.

He added: It is noteworthy that at the same time as this case, a new case was filed against Ms. Rashnu for appearing in front of the court in her chosen clothing on the October 2nd, 2023.

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