Execution of Iraj Sanambari in Arak Central Prison

ایرج صنمبری

On Saturday April 27th, 2024, the death sentence of Iraj Sanambari, a 37-year-old prisoner, was carried out in Arak Central Prison on charges of drug trafficking.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, this prisoner had previously been sentenced to death on charges related to “drug trafficking.”

An informed source regarding the execution of this prisoner stated: “Iraj Sanambari had been detained since 2021 on charges related to drug trafficking and had been sentenced to death.”

As of the preparation of this news, the execution of this prisoner has not been announced by Iranian media outlets or official sources.

The execution of prisoners charged with “drug trafficking” has consistently increased over the past four years. In comparison to 2022, when 256 individuals were executed on drug-related charges, there has been an 84% increase, with 471 executions recorded with this charge in 2023.

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