Deadly Shooting in Saravan: Accounts from an Injured Child and a Detained Citizen

اخترعلی نصرتی، بلال نصرتی، اصغر گمشادزهی و عدنان درزاده

The incident is described by an injured child and a detained Baloch citizen following a shooting by security forces in Saravan, which resulted in four casualties.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, the accounts of the injured child and the detained Baloch citizen depict a horrifying story of death and injury within a family due to the shooting that occurred in downtown Saravan, at the intersection of Edalat and Enqelab streets on the evening of Monday, May 13th, 2024.

In this surprise shooting by military forces at a Pejou Pars vehicle, a 14-year-old Baloch child identified as “Balal Nosrati,” son of Akhtar Ali, and another citizen named “Asghar Gomshadzehi,” 28 years old, son of Jan Mohammad, lost their lives. Additionally, an 8-year-old child named “Adnan Darzadeh,” son of Allahbakhsh, and a woman who was in the vehicle were injured, and a person identified as “Akhtar Ali Nosrati” was detained.

Akhtar Ali Nosrati, the detained citizen who has now been released, responded to the false claims by the Sistan and Baluchestan police commander that they were “terrorists,” saying: “Where did we shoot? How do you call us terrorists? You killed my child and injured my 8-year-old nephew and then claim to have killed terrorists and outlaws.”

The Sistan and Baluchestan police commander had falsely claimed that the individuals killed and injured in this incident were “armed outlaws.” However, the existing accounts and evidence show that they were family members who were shot without any prior warning.

This horrific event once again emphasizes the urgent need for immediate actions to prevent the recurrence of such atrocities and the necessity for impartial investigations and strict measures against those responsible for such shootings.

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